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Navigation and locationing “Indoor” system

It works where GPS cannot follow you.

Be.In is a locationing indoor system capable of locating an object moving in and indoor space or anywhere there is a WiFi infrastructure and no GPS coverage.

Within the last decade we could appreciate how the traditional GPS technology radically changed our way to travel outdoor.
This technology though, cannot be used indoor. Here comes the need to find a technology that is able to guarantee the same service inside buildings where GPS cannot reach.

Thanks to the indoor WiFi diffusion, to our positioning algorithm and to the Cross Platform App, today it is possible to have a navigation system even indoor.
In places where it is important to increase the precision level, or add a proximity marketing system to the surfing system, it is possible to install NetForYou, the system based on iBeacon technology.
This way Be.In can guide you and, through NetForYou, convey your proximity information.

Be.In can offer: 

Indoor navigation

Proximity notices (through integration with NetForYou)

Pedestrian flow analysis (through integration with NetForYou and NetAnalitics)

Advanced research for sites of interest




Locationing and research
Let you guide into the research of a store, avoiding the use of bulky paper maps. With Be.In this is possible. You look for the store, you visualize it on the digital map and Be.In calculates the shorter way to reach it.

Locationing and research
Fairs are for their own nature, temporary and dynamical events. In this situation it could be frustrating for the visitor looking for a specific exhibitor, not knowing where his stand is or in certain cases, not even knowing if he is attending that edition at all. With Be.In you can offer all visitors the chance to look for the various exhibitors, and to visualize on the map the shorter way to reach them.

You look for your platform or gate
With Be.In you can check your position through your trip data and can visualize what is your departure platform or your gate and get the information to reach it.


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